On The Issues

I'm running because I believe the two greatest threats to our democracy are: Donald Trump and the influence of corporate and moneyed special interests in our politics. In 2020, we have an opportunity and a responsibility as Democrats to move our nation, and our Party, in a new direction. And I believe the San Francisco Democratic Party has an important role to play.

  • Beat Donald Trump, take back the Senate, and keep the House Blue.

    Let’s be clear: Donald Trump is a threat to our democracy and to the values we proudly hold as San Francisco Democrats. My first priority as a member of the DCCC will be working to ensure that we take back the White House and make Donald Trump a one-term President. I believe the San Francisco Democratic Party can and should play a major role in continuing the “Blue Wave” in California and in swing districts and states throughout the country in 2020.

    As a current member of the DCCC, I was proud to work with Speaker Pelosi and the SF Democratic Party to open the San Francisco Red to Blue Headquarters in the Castro, which saw hundreds of volunteers make 3 million calls and texts to swing district voters. In the end, we helped flip 16 Congressional districts blue. I believe re-opening the Red to Blue HQ should be an immediate priority of the newly elected DCCC in order to ensure that we keep our majority in the House and do everything in our power to flip the Senate and elect a Democratic President. This election is arguably the most important of our lifetimes, and as San Francisco Democrats, we need to roll up our sleeves and pitch in!

  • Ensure a Party of the People, Not Corporations

    The San Francisco Democratic Party must reflect our values. And the question before us is: what do we stand for as San Francisco Democrats? Do we stand with profit-driven developers and the real estate lobby or do we stand with tenants and communities at risk of displacement? Do we stand up to big corporations like JUUL or do we let them try to buy an election? Will we look the other way or will we hold the wealthiest corporations accountable and ask that they pay their fair share for housing, homelessness, and supportive services for those who need them?

    I believe we need a local Democratic Party that will not look the other way, that will hold corporations accountable, and that will stand with working families, tenants, and communities at risk of displacement. As a current member of the DCCC, I am proud of my work over the past three years to ensure that the San Francisco Democratic Party’s endorsements reflect those values. I believe we should continue to support ballot measures and local policies that hold corporations accountable, such as Prop C — Our City, Our Home — which taxed the richest corporations in our city to help fund housing and homeless services. The Democratic Party cannot be the Party of Wall Street and Main Street at the same time. That's why I'm running as a corporate-free candidate in this race. That means I'm not taking money from lobbyists, corporate PACs, or real estate developers. Instead, I want to be accountable to you.

  • Organize for a national and local Green New Deal

    The Democratic Party must be the Party of bold and urgent climate action. As a climate justice advocate, I've dedicated most of my professional career to fighting climate change and I believe we need transformative policies and accelerated action at all levels if we are going to tackle this existential threat. That is why I support a national and local Green New Deal. Taking action on climate means more than just improving the health and safety of our communities by reducing the harmful impacts of fossil fuels. It means making significant infrastructure and technological investments at a scale and pace necessary to accelerate a nation-wide transition to a clean energy economy. And it's also an opportunity to address economic inequality by creating good-paying green jobs that lift families out of poverty.

    Here in California, we have the opportunity and responsibility to lead the clean energy revolution. And it starts with reforming the profit motive of companies like PG&E. I support a public takeover of PG&E because I’m tired of our ratepayer dollars going to enrich Wall Street shareholders and company executives while maintenance of the electrical grid is deferred and everyday Californians suffer the consequences. It is time for a publicly owned energy utility with public oversight to serve Northern California. I support San Francisco’s offer to buy PG&E’s assets and municipalize our power services, and, if elected to the DCCC, I will make sure the San Francisco Democratic Party continues to push our local and state elected leaders to take decisive action on the future of PG&E that puts people over profits.

  • Push the San Francisco Democratic Party to do more

    Not many people know what the San Francisco Democratic Party does or that it even exists. Those that do know the Party know us for our endorsements each election. But the truth is, we do so much more. We need to make our Party more visible, relevant, and accessible to San Francisco Democrats. And I'm proud of the work we have already done to do that.

    More Accessible Monthly Meetings: The Democratic Party now hosts its monthly meetings out in the community in neighborhoods across the city. Every meeting is made accessible for non-English speakers and for people with disabilities, and every meeting is now live-streamed to allow Democrats to tune in at home.

    More Pro-Active Communications: As Chair of our Communications Committee for the past three years, I helped launch the Party’s first monthly e-newsletter and expanded the Party's presence and engagement on social media. I also helped lead the redesign of the Party’s website (SFDemocrats.org) to make it easier for Democrats looking for information about voting, events, or how to join a Democratic Club.

    More Engagement: We've created more opportunities for San Francisco Democrats to engage with their Party. We've hosted phone banks, tabled at community events, organized contingents in events like the Women's March, hosted trainings for Democratic Club leaders, and organized GOTV mobilizations.

    If elected in March, I want to continue to build on this work to expand our grassroots engagement efforts, increase awareness of the Party's work and values, and get more San Francisco Democrats engaged in the political process locally and nationally. We deserve to have a Party that is active and organized and has its finger on the pulse of the political moment.