Q: Wait, so what is the San Francisco DCCC?

The San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) is the governing board for the San Francisco Democratic Party. Made up of 24 voting members, the DCCC is elected by and represents nearly 300,000 San Francisco Democrats.

And if Democratic County Central Committee sounds like a mouthful, that's because it is! So most people call it the “D-Triple-C.”

Q: Ok, so what does the DCCC actually do?

The DCCC ensures that San Francisco Democrats have an affirmative, inclusive, and progressive voice on the issues that matter most!

By making endorsements of candidates and ballot measures, taking a stance on pressing issues like climate justice and reproductive rights by passing resolutions, and organizing and registering Democrats, the DCCC serves as the local face of the national Democratic Party.

Q: And why is that important?

Because the key to ensuring that our San Francisco values are heard throughout the nation is to build a strong, active, and diverse Democratic Party right here at home!

When San Francisco Democrats take a position on a policy, march in the streets, and help elect Corporate-Free Democrats, the country takes notice. I think it’s fair to say that our local party has national impact!

Q: Wow, that sounds important! But we’re all Democrats, so doesn’t it not matter who serves on the DCCC?

The DCCC should be representative of the next-generation of Democratic leadership. Candidates for the DCCC should be able to point to their past experience to demonstrate that they will prioritize equity and justice during their terms.

And as a queer, progressive activist who has dedicated my life to advocating for climate justice and serving the community, I’m running to ensure that the Democratic Party is on the side of renters and working-people, not corporations. I’m running a people powered campaign: I won’t take a cent from corporate PACs and I’ve limited the maximum donation people can make to my campaign.

So yes, while everyone running is a registered Democrat, “any blue won’t do” and I hope to earn your vote on March 3rd!

Q: There’s a lot of people running, so how many people can I vote for?

This is where it gets a little complicated, so stick with me! You can vote for 14 candidates (including me!) if you are a registered Democrat in Assembly District 17, which includes most of the city’s Eastern neighborhoods like the Castro, Mission, Tenderloin, and Bayview. If you are a registered Democrat in Assembly District 19, which includes the West side of the city and neighborhoods like the Sunset, Richmond, and Ingleside, you get to vote for 10 candidates. You can figure out which district you live in by going here!

14 candidates in AD 17 plus 10 candidates in AD 19 equals 24 DCCC members! As it happens, I’m running with 23 other amazing, diverse, and progressive candidates on a slate called the Social Justice Democrats! You can check out some of my slate mates here!